Discovery Panic


I call this tip, Delivery Panic. Have you ever met with a client or prospect and then gone into panic mode to produce what they needed? It’s human nature when we are selling that we want to please. If the prospect or client says “when can you have that ready”? Don’t automatically jump through hoops to prove yourself. Instead, stop, ask the customer “is time a problem for you?” In most cases they will respond with a time-frame much more reasonable than you would have imposed upon yourself. Just make sure you have it ready before the prescribed time. Always be prepared but don’t be afraid to ask.

And by the way, this reminds me of when my kids were teenagers, I always asked them what they thought their curfew should be. Many times it was earlier or in line with what I thought. Of course, in that situation, I still had the final word.

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  1. HI Joyce,

    So great to read/watch your selling tips!
    (You look fabulous).

    Let’s catch up soon. ‘Hi’ to Vic.

    Kathy Yeomans

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