About Us

Who We Are

Hi there!  I’m Joyce Brown and I am the CEO Savvy Consulting Group.

Savvy Consulting Group was founded to provide communications and sales coaching, training, and support for your business. We are committed to helping you increase your revenues and make your businesses financially successful, in order for you to leave your mark on this world.

Our  World

In the world, communications and sales are sometimes  very challenging words.   Many of us just wanted to make a difference in this world by improving something we were passionate about.

I started in sales early in my career but never really had any professional sales training in those early years.  I started to really study sales because I didn’t like being unsuccessful.
Being a single Mother at the time, I had a family to support and needed a career where I could maximize my income.  I could see early on that sales was the answer but there were a lot of misleading ideas about how to do it so I began to read every book I could get my hands on about selling. And that practice continued for many, many, years.

As a natural evolution, I stopped adopting a lot of the “sales systems” and began to sell according to the way I already knew how to successfully relate to others.  By then I had been promoted to the management level in sales and as part of my job, I learned to hire and train how to sell. Without really realizing it, I was training different sales people differently. When I became aware of my style of training and coaching,  I realized that was part of the key to our success.

Why I Was Afraid

GAddairQuote_graphicI started out afraid to pick up the phone because I was afraid they would ask me questions I couldn’t answer.  I didn’t want to look stupid. I was terrified about walking into someone’s office and actually start trying to convince them to purchase my services. What if they felt like I was imposing my thoughts on them?  You talk about fear, when I had to actually ask them for money, I was frozen.  I would delay that part of the conversation until I was half way out of the door. And to top it all off, I didn’t know the best way to follow up unless it was a very successful meeting which many of them in those days weren’t.

Sales Becomes Fun

Then one day it all fell into place.  I had found my style of selling and it worked with me and the many sales teams I led thereafter.   Sales is fun when you know you have a solution, and you know how to introduce the solution in order to create success for your clients. Clients love winning and you will love helping them win!