Discovery Panic   I call this tip, Delivery Panic. Have you ever met with a client or prospect and then gone into panic mode to produce what they needed? It’s human nature when we are selling that we want to please. If the prospect or client says “when can you have that ready”? Don’t automatically jump […]

If The Shoe Fits…

Lovely, aren’t they? If you are currently in sales and these extraordinary neon inspired kicks caught your eye, you may have more in common with entrepreneurs than you know. Entrepreneurs think differently and can spot potential where others don’t. So can many sales pros, but often a job description, commission structure, or glass ceiling limits […]

Guppy Power

Hey You! See that business swimming away? When small fish feel vulnerable and insignificant, swimming away from sharks makes sense. Why stick around and be dessert when the deep blue sea has an array of friendlier fish to swim with? If you represent a large, well known firm and are soliciting business from sole practitioners […]

M is for Motivated

When your sales pitch is off, your projections are skewered, and nothing is adding up, a quick fix to your strategy is a must to save your deals and secure your income. How can you reverse your losing ways and get back on track? Grab some tasty M&Ms, eat the whole bag, reach for your […]

The Big “D”

Dunce! Vintage stupidity! Years ago, slow or misbehaving students were routinely labeled “dunce” and sent to the corner by frustrated teachers. A funny cone shaped hat inscribed with the letter “D” or word “dunce” made the kid look and feel foolish. No doubt we’d consider this punishment downright cruel nowadays. But wait. Maybe there’s a […]